The New Audi A8 and Spider Man

Car News June 29, 2017

Audi is yet to reveal its all new A8 which is set on July 11, 2017. This is basically just a few weeks from now but for those who wanted to get a glimpse of the new stunning car, we have a good news for new. The high-tech Audi 8 is going to be be featured in Spider Man Homecoming movie which will be out in theaters first week of July.

Here is a picture of the new A8 with Spider Man on top of its hood. Notice the design pattern of the car? Yes, those are the web swinger’s web patterns and facial mask. Pretty cool huh! According to Top Gear, you’ll be able to see the car in action in the movie. Now for Spider Man fans and car lovers, this is really going to be a treat!

Audi A8 and Spider Man

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